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How To Set Up Your Bidet Attachment - Bidet Installation Instructions

When you talk about upgrading your washroom according to modern needs, some new washroom equipment should definitely make it to your to-get-list. To do that, one of the most important things you would need would be to make a bidet purchase. Yes, get rid of your old, unhealthy, and hard-on-the-pocket toilet paper rolls. In their place, buy a nice bidet attachment to give your bathroom a new and fancy touch.

If you would like the user manual with full detailed instructions of bidet installation, click here to get access.

Why even buy a bidet?

The invention of bidets dates goes back to the 18th century when they were first made for the comfort of French royalists. Over some time though, the use and popularity of this tool have reached far and wide and almost all around the globe. It is due to several benefits that bidets come with that people find it more convenient to make the switch from out-dated methods to new, improved ones.

Still not convinced, yet? Trust us, we understand. There are many families out there who still stick to their old-fashioned bathroom appliances. Why? “Oh, who will go around the whole process of contacting and calling a plumber to the house?’ Add to it the misconception that the installation will take hours to get completed. Stop right there, and let us help you out of your reluctance.

Setting up a bidet is not so scary

Modern times call for quick, less time-consuming, advanced installments. Time is precious and so is your energy. You do not need to worry about spending the whole day bent over your toilet seat working to get a bidet installed. Bidets come with a manual that is easy to follow and which helps you go through the method to make the installation happen. In this era of DIYs, fixing a bidet attachment like Cozy Bidet into your toilet seat is not a chore. All you have got to do is follow a few simple steps written on the manual, in the manner that it says and the work is done. It is quick, it is easy, it is manageable and it is do-able. Many have done it so why can’t you?

For your convenience, let us put down the step by step guide to assist you in fixing your shiny new bidet. But, before you make the switch happen, here is a list of the equipment and tools you would require.

Things you would need (lucky you, below list are all included in your Cozy Bidet Package)

Read the manual carefully that comes with Cozy Bidet Attachment and identify the given parts.

  • Cozy Bidet attachment with two turn dials
  • 2x metal T-valve connectors
  • 2x large rubber washers
  • High-quality bidet hose
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Several small FLAT rubber washers
  • 1 small rubber washer with a raised lip
  • Hot water flex tubing

First things First

Open up the given equipment bag to check if you have the complete set of installation items that go into installing the bidet. Next, make sure you to have a screw driver to open the toilet seat if necessary. Done? Now you would not need to get up and fetch yourself something in the middle of the task. Let us then get on with the steps.

Let’s follow the 8 simple steps

Following these steps will not take more than twenty minutes. Feel excited to get started? Let’s go.

  1. First of all, pick up the screwdriver and get ready to unscrew. You will need to lift the hinge covers and loosen or remove the mounting bolts. Now carefully detach the toilet seat and the seat cushion. Once you are done with that, congratulate yourself on completing the first step.
  2. Moving on to the second step, hook up the cold water connection. Turn off the water supply valve and flush toilet (very important to get that done right). Then, disconnect the water supply hose from the fill valve under the toilet sink. If you have followed through here, you are already almost half-way through.
  3. The third step is pretty simple like the previous ones. Connect 7/8” T-Valve to the water supply line and fill the valve under the toilet tank. If you have completed this step, half of the job is done.
  4. It is all about the connections for now. Connect the metal cold water bidet hose to cold water 7/8” T-valve.
  5. After you have connected the cold water bidet hose to the cold water valve, hook up hot water connection. This is how you establish a water network. Just three more steps now.
  6. Next up, you install the bidet attachment on the toilet using the rubber washers and the adjustable brackets. Make sure to tighten, so the bidet attachment and seat do not move.
  7. Once you are past the above 7 steps, connect the bidet hose to the bidet attachment. Yay, almost there!
  8. Last but not the least, turn on water supply and check for any leaks. Wait for 10-15 minutes and check again. In case of any leaking, check all rubber washers and make sure all water connections are tight and secure. Once secure, you can give yourself a pat (or several, wink wink) on the back because the job is officially done.


This is as quick as it gets. The steps are easy peasy and we told you so, didn’t we? We don’t think there is any reason (or should we say excuse?) for you to delay this anymore. Now all you gotta do is get yourself a bidet attachment and upgrade your washroom experience. The change is small and swift but the advantages last long. You are going to absolutely love it. For anymore pressing queries or questions you can always get in touch with us.

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