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Why You Should Be Using Bidet Instead of Toilet Paper

Wipe or wash? They ask. How is that even a question, we wonder, and answer ‘Wash, by all means!’. If a baby accidentally pees, poops, or even vomits over you, it is more than likely that you would rush to the washroom to ‘wash’ your clothes or the body part that got peed upon rather than just wipe with a toilet
paper. Why, then, stick to the centuries-old method of cleaning when it comes to matters of your health and hygiene? Like everything else in life, it is essential that you upgrade your bathroom equipment and replace toilet papers with bidets.

Still skeptical about the switch? Here is why bidets are the better option:


Using toilet paper to clean your butt does not really clean it. The fecal matter gets smeared around your back area without properly getting the poop off. It is similar to stepping on dog poop and imagining your shoe clean when you have just wiped it off with paper and are carrying the remaining shit around everywhere. The shoe isn’t clean and so isn’t your butt, not to mention the stink. A bidet, on the brighter side, is synonymous with bathroom cleanliness. It will wash away all the fecal residue and leave you with a clean and fresh poop-free butt. And if you think that a bidet uses toilet water to wash your back, do not think that anymore. It uses your regular tap water so no worries there. Using water is the ideal way to keep yourself clean and bidets are the ideal tool!

Let Your Bum Enjoy

Toilet paper companies capitalize on the idea that toilet paper usage is a healthier option when it is clearly not. Apart from not being hygiene friendly, usage of toilet paper in some cases has been reported to cause anal tears. Toilet papers are dry and the wiping action on the thin and delicate anal skin especially if it one does it in a hard manner or too many times can consequently lead to pain, anal injury, and even bleeding. Bidets, on the other hand, function by spraying a small stream of water on your butt area, rinsing off the fecal matter gently but surely. Water provides cleanliness and has a calming and refreshing effect upon contact with irritated or damaged skin. The pressure and temperature of the water are also adjustable as per your individual need and within your reach so not a problem there. Your ease is guaranteed.

Saves Your Time

Life is busy and you do not want to waste time in the store waiting in line for toilet papers. Bidet installation in your toilet means, you never have to worry about going to the store and waiting in line for toilet paper. Especially, at this toilet paper crisis of 2020. It is a nightmare to find toilet paper in stores, let alone sit in lines waiting to check out. 

Takes Care Your Pockets

A bidet uses one-eighth of a gallon of water while a single toilet paper takes about 37 gallons of water. The American toilet paper industry spends around 40$ to 70$ a year on average on the production of toilet paper and uses 34 million rolls of toilet paper a day. This huge expenditure can be cut down by 75% with the help of bidet installments. They are readily available, inexpensive and the installation does not take more than twenty minutes. This way you would not even need to rush out for those emergency trips to the store for toilet papers every few days.

Helps the environment

Why continue exploiting nature when you have an alternative that is not only the better option health and money wise but also environmentally friendly? The manufacturing of toilet papers does not only use excessive amounts of water but also a large amount of wood and electricity; add chlorine for bleaching too. Bidets are a key green technology that helps save all these resources. The production of toilet paper rolls a year in the USA translates into pulping of 15 million trees. It takes cutting down of about 384 trees to produce toilet papers worth a life-time’s supply of a single consumer. Bidets can work as an environment saving replacement to the huge toilet paper industry. Choosing to go with a product that takes care of your sanitary needs and is also environmentally sound is the right way to go and experts agree on that.


The benefits of using bidets instead of toilet paper are plenty and the switch is easy. Just hop on to and get yourself a bidet for your washroom that makes your life better in terms of hygiene, money, and time. Once you use a bidet, you would not be going back to your old-school, unhygienic toilet papers and will be sticking to bidets forever. Ease yourself off unhealthy habits and make choices that help you long term. 



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