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Installation Guide

Cozy Bidet Installation Guide 

For Full Installation Guide With Pictures, Click This Link To Download The Full PDF.


Steps on Installation: 


1) Remove Existing Toilet Seat

a. Lift hinge covers and use flathead or Phillips head screwdriver to remove the mounting bolts. Alternatively, you may need to loosen mounting bolts underneath the seat.

b. Remove the toilet seat and set the seat, mounting bolts and hardware aside


2) Hookup Cold Water Connection: Turn Off Water Supply Valve and Flush Toilet

a. Turn off water supply at the wall to stop flow of water.

b. Flush toilet and hold down handle to completely empty toilet tank.

c. Disconnect water supply hose from the fill valve under the toilet tank.


3) Connect 7/8” T-Valve to Water Supply Line and Fill Valve Under Toilet Tank.

a. Install the 7/8” T-valve with the small rubber washer with raised lip to the incoming water connection on the bottom of your toilet tank. Be sure to place the flat edge of the rubber washer into the T-Valve against the metal with the raised lip facing the toilet tank connection.

b. Connect the cold water supply line coming from the wall to the bottom of the T-valve using the small flat rubber washer (if needed)


4) Connect the metal Cold Water Bidet Hose to Cold Water 7/8” T-valve

a. Connect one end of the metal Cold Water Bidet Hose to the remaining open side of the installed 7/8” T-valve .


Note: If you are only connecting the cold water supply, then proceed to step 6. If you wish to also connect your hot water supply, then follow next step (5).


5) Hookup Hot Water Connection

a. Locate the warm water supply line in your bathroom under your sink/washbasin and turn the water supply valve all the way off .

b. Drain the warm water line by turning on the sink tap on the warm setting until no more water comes out .

c. Disconnect warm water supply hose to sink from shut off valve . You may have to use a 3/8” compatible wrench or a similar tool (not supplied) . Note: there may be some residual water in the hose, use a small container or towel to catch any residual water

d) Connect Hot Water T-valve to water supply

         1. Install the Hot Water T-valve and the small rubber washer onto the hot  water shut off valve under the sink .

         2. Reconnect hot water supply line to open end (top) of T-valve (use the        second small rubber washer if needed) .

e) Connect Hot Water Flex Tubing to T-valve

         1. Remove brass pressure cap from open end of T-valve and pop out small    plastic plug to open the hole .

         2. Slide brass pressure cap over one end of Hot Water Flex Tubing with          inside screw threads facing out .

         3. Push Hot Water Flex Tubing onto open end of T-valve (onto the pressure    connector) until tubing cannot go any further . It’s important to make sure              the tubing slides past the “lip” of the pressure connector .

         4. Slide the brass pressure cap down the Flex Tubing and screw onto the T-   Valve until secure and tight, use caution not to over tighten this              connection and damage the tubing


6) Install Bidet Attachment on Toilet

a. Place one of the large rubbers washers over each of the open bolt holes on the toilet fixture .

b. Place bidet attachment over washers so the nozzle is as close to the back of the toilet bowl as it will go . This will vary by toilet .

c. Make sure the adjustable brackets line up with the holes in the toilet fixture . You may need to move the adjustable brackets accordingly to line up properly .

d. Replace the toilet seat on top of bidet attachment and secure using original toilet seat hardware . Make sure to tighten so that the bidet attachment and seat do not move


7) Connect Bidet Hose to Bidet Attachment

a. Remove pressure cap from COLD connection on backside side of bidet attachment and connect open end of Cold Water Bidet Hose to COLD connection

b. If you have connected the hot water supply, then remove the pressure cap from the HOT connection on backside of the bidet attachment and connect the open end of the Hot Water Flex Tubing to the HOT connection using the same instructions from Step 5e.


8) Turn on Water Supply & Check for Leaks

a. Open the main water supply valve for all water connections (Cold only or Hot and Cold) and check for leaks .

b. Wait 5-10 minutes, check again and if there are no leaks continue .

Note: if there is any leaking, check all rubber washers and make sure all water connections are tight and secure. If necessary, you can use plumbers tape for any leaking connections.

Fully installed view with both HOT and COLD water connections.


If you still have any questions regarding installation, don't hesitate to contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you further.