Cozy Bidet Back In Stock!

Introducing Cozy Bidet

The only piece of high-end furniture designed specifically to help you poop.


Ready For Clean? Warning!

We at Cozy Bidet would like to apologize in advance - because after our product, you'll never be able to poop without it again

Adjustable Water Spray

With adjustable water pressure control knobs, you can adjust the size of the water pressure according to your own needs, create a comfortable experience, and enjoy a perfect clean butt.

Hot And Cold Water Temperature

The bidet connects directly to your sinks hot water supply and mixes with cold water to deliver your level of warm water enjoyment. Self-cleaning feature sanitizes the nozzles and retracts when not in use for maximum protection. The bidet also features a convenient movable nozzle guard gate for extra protection and easy maintenance.


Benefits For All. Better hygiene and health for all ages and genders!


Saves You Time. Cozy Bidet installs in less than 20 minutes and cleans your butt in 2 seconds.


Does Good. Using a bidet reduces your toilet paper usage, which means more trees and more savings.


Keeps You Fresh. Feel clean and fresh after every bathroom visit. Happy bum, happy life!

20 Min Easy Installation

We have included all of the need accessories such as 2 hoses, 2 brass T adapters and full instruction, so you can install it in 20 minutes without a plumber. Enjoy the fun DIY Installation with the whole family!

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"Enough toilet paper"

"The COVID-19 shortage of TP in grocery stores has nothing on the bumholes in this house. We have the cleanest bums in all the land (much cleaner than those who stocked up on all the TP), thanks to this CozyBidet toilet attachment. Thank you"

- Mick

"Save money"

"I'd wanted to try a bidet to save water and toilet paper (not to mention money), and this bidet is great for those who've never tried one. It's very easy to install and use. I would recommend some trial-and-error the first time to get familiar with positioning and to figure out if you need seat bumpers. Start with the lowest stream setting first!! The nozzle casing is pretty inconspicuous and the self-cleaning feature is nice. For humans who experience moon time, this bidet will be the best thing that ever happened. No more having to waste insane amounts of toilet paper. Overall an excellent purchase"

- Haley


Okay but(t) how do I dry off?

If your booty is too busy to air dry, you can pat dry with reusable towel. Using Cozy Bidet dramatically reduces the amount of TP needed by like, a lot – because endless, irritating wiping turns into just a few nice pats when you’re using Cozy Bidet!

Where does the water come from? Isn't it dirty toilet water?

No, it's not toilet water! Your bidet gets its water straight from your water source (the same water you brush your teeth with). You could totally drink from your bidet, which would be weird, but hey, you do you!

How do you get hot water?

It is very simple. You connect one of the hoses provided in your Cozy Bidet box, to the hot water valve under your sink. Then the other end will be connected to the bidet itself. No electrical hook ups, no needs for plumbing. Easy to install and enjoy some warm water.

Does Cozy Bidet require electricity?

Nope! Cozy Bidet does not need any electricity whatsoever, making it even more environmentally friendly.

Does it have feminine wash?

Yes! You can adjust the nozzle direction based on feminine needs or just regular wash needs. Fits for both humans.